Bar Leagues

Come and play, compete and hang while enjoying your favorite bar games.
Or maybe just create a league of your


Mon & Wed 6pm

Ready for some calculated bets and competitive fun? Come and join our Poker Nights! Who knows, you might just go home a bit richer, or even win a $1000 seat for a special tournament.

Open Mic

1st & 3rd Thursday of the month at 7pm

Think you got some good jokes? Come and show them off at our open mic night. We can’t promise we’ll laugh, but we can promise we’ll have the perfect drink to forget about it when it didn’t work out.


Always welcome

Come and hang with your softball teammates after the game. Enjoy some of the best food & drinks to kill that post-game hunger and thirst. We’re more than happy to sponsor any team.


Are you that bullseye sniper? Maybe not, but you just love dart? Why don’t play at a place that will sponsor your new team and has great snacks and drinks to enjoy while playing.


Looking for a good place to get get together with your pool team? Come and have a play at our upstairs secluded game room. Perfect to hone your skills with your team mates in all focus.

Beer pong

Call all your buds for a good ol’ beer pong competition. With 5 different tables, up 20 people can play at the same time! So what are you waiting for? Set up your teams, draft the tournament sheet and let’s play!